Glowing Skin and Silver Ions What Does it all Mean ?

More and more women have been reporting dramatic changes to their skin with the use of our luxurious Onyx Radiance Mineral Infused Pillowcases. Feedback’s from our clients include significant improvements in their skin in regard to aging, dullness, uneven skin tone, and even acne. Using our revolutionary solution to all your skin issues the Onyx Pillowcases provide continuous treatment of the skin through silver or zinc ions that penetrate as you sleep allowing you to wake up to fresh and glowing skin. Made with the highest quality materials the Onyx Pillowcases are made of 100% Egyptian cotton satin with a 500-thread count, they are comfortable, luxurious, durable, and above all – effective.

Let’s face it, everyone wants perfect skin, but unfortunately, we can’t all be born with a flawless complexion. Instead, we spend loads of money on creams, treatments, and even oils in hopes of getting that perfect skin. Sometimes the most effective solution is right under our noses. Using revolutionary technology, Onyx Radiance has developed textile products that allow for Silver-ions or Zinc-ions to penetrate the skin as you sleep allowing for an array of skin benefits. Furthermore, our pillowcases are also an amazing companion to already instilled skincare routine for that extra wow factor.

Traditional skin treatments, products, and creams provide rarely provide permanent solutions, the Onyx Pillowcases aim to rejuvenate the skin as you sleep, cleansing the sleeping environment, and even promoting stronger hair and roots.

Say goodbye to signs aging and hello to radiance, with Silver-ions.

At the age of just 25 the level of collagen and elastin fiber in the facial skin drops, skin commonly suffers from more dehydration and repeated sun exposure causes fine lines and wrinkles, which usually begin around the eyes where our skin is very fragile. Furthermore, as we age our skin tone becomes more uneven, hyperpigmentation becomes a concern, and spots begin to appear, especially after childbirth.

Many women and men tend to opt for common solutions as well as pricey treatments when the real solution can be found in nature. For thousands of years, Silver has been used for its powerful healing and purification benefits. Our Lunar Beauty Silver-ion Pillowcase has been carefully embedded with the powerful mineral to allow for the most luxurious and effective treatment to your skin. Silver-ions penetrate the skin as you sleep peacefully throughout the night, aiding significantly with skin rejuvenation, hyperpigmentation, and the appearance of fine lines and radiance. You can sleep easy knowing that with every sleep you will wake up more glowing than ever.

After just 2 weeks start to notice the difference in your skin! Feedbacks from our clients include reduced wrinkle appearance, reduced depth of wrinkles, improved skin texture, brighter complexions, and because silver-ions are also antibacterial they cleanse your sleeping environment, allowing for better breathing and fewer migraines.

Zinc: The perfect solution to treat Acne, dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, and other common skin conditions.

If you suffer from any of the above, if you have tried endless creams, treatments, and even medications to try and combat these common yet frustrating skin concerns then you know how time-consuming and expensive it can be to try to treat these concerns.
In many cases, a large number of blemishes are the result of bacteria, fungi, and other organisms that can be found on our pillowcases as well as on the face.

The Onyx Therapeutic Pillowcase has been the hero of women and men around the world attributing to clear and fresh skin. The Therapeutic Pillowcase is enriched with Zinc. Zinc is highly effective at combating bacteria and fungi as it is naturally anti-fungal, furthermore, Zinc works wonders for balancing oils in both the skin and hair, ensuring a balanced complexion while also soothing the facial skin.

The powerful yet gentle Zinc compound has been uniquely embedded into our revolutionary and OEKO-tex approved pillowcases, one of the strictest and highest quality safety standards in the world of textiles.Our customers have been reporting amazing changes and improvements in the appearance of their skin, such as reduced blemishes and inflammation, balanced complexions, reduced redness, improved skin texture as well as an improved hair shine and strength of toots.


A Pillowcase may seem to be the most innocent and trivial thing there is, right? All in all, it is a small piece of cloth designed to keep our pillow clean so that we can use it over time. But the truth is, that this little piece of cloth has an immense effect on our lives in more ways than people even imagine. Sleep quality, allergies, facial skin and and our hair – are all directly affected by the nightly meeting of our head with the beloved pillow, which we fantasize about as soon as we get out of bed each morning.