A Pillowcase may seem to be the most innocent and trivial thing there is, right? All in all, it is a small piece of cloth designed to keep our pillow clean so that we can use it over time. But the truth is, that this little piece of cloth has an immense effect on our lives in more ways than people even imagine. Sleep quality, allergies, facial skin and and our hair – are all directly affected by the nightly meeting of our head with the beloved pillow, which we fantasize about as soon as we get out of bed each morning.

Marina Omensky – the Lunar Beauty pillowcase

Biochemist, Bsc expert in biochemistry, anatomy and skin physiology

Onyx’s Lunar Beauty pillowcase contains silver ions that create an effective anti-bacterial protection against a variety of pathogens, including bacteria, fungi and unicellular organisms. In-vitro studies proved beyond doubt that silver ions kill different kinds of disease-causing bacteria within minutes.