Say Goodbye to Maskne and Irritated skin!

Finally, you can enjoy an effective facial treatment without having to sacrifice ultimate protection! Our innovative and top of the line facial mask treats your skin as you wear it, leaving you with a clear calm and balanced complexion.

The Onyx Radiance Zinc Therapeutic mask truly is the answer to all your skin troubles! A double-layered, elite cotton, zinc infused skin treatment & mask, which has been uniquely and carefully developed for those who suffer from sensitive, reactive, and acne-prone skin.

common masks problem

The problem these days is that common masks made of synthetic materials irritate our skin through the constant rubbing between the facial skin and the mask. Leading to acne, irritated skin, and allergic reactions.

Constant sweating and friction results in clogged pores, accumulation of bacteria, and an array of issues that we may not have ever even experienced before. It seems then, that we must pick protection at the cost of our skin which we already work so hard to maintain and treat daily.

onyx radiance therapeutic mask

The Onyx Radiance Zinc Therapeutic mask has been uniquely designed with all of these concerns in mind! Bringing you an elite mask which not only protects you from harmful pathogens and bacteria but actually treats your skin as you wear it. Ensuring that while you are being protected, your skin is also receiving an optimal gentle yet effective skin treatment that cleanses, calms, and prevents breakout.

It’s not just a mask, it’s a revolutionary on the go facial that will unveil your best skin yet!

powerful dual protection

ONYX therapeutic masks provide powerful dual protection, safeguarding you from harmful microorganisms while simultaneously relieving many common chronic skin conditions.

These fully washable and reusable masks also feature a unique antimicrobial delivery system designed to continuously release zinc ions, ensuring long-term protection and flawless skin that remains radiant, hour after hour. Each 100% Elite Cotton 500 thread count mask is infused with antimicrobial zinc ions, known as broad-spectrum “natural antibiotics” that eliminate bacteria and fungi, helping to calm & soothe acne-prone, irritated or sensitive skin.

Zinc also significantly improves the symptoms of many skin conditions, including acne, eczema, seborrhea, and psoriasis, alleviating inflammation and clearing pores by suppressing sebum production. Rigorous testing of the Zinc Therapeutic mask boasted amazing results of validated filtration of > 99.9! Making it truly one of the best masks on the market to date. And with our elite breathable cotton and adjustable straps, you know you will be comfortable for all-day wear,

Real Amazing Results With Onyx

As with our other Onyx Products, we are proud to let you know that the Onyx Face masks are also OEKO-Tex 100 approved. Giving them the ultimate stamp of approval for the highest quality and strict safety standards in the textile industry.

Join the Onyx revolution today!

You can rest assured that when you wear the Onyx zinc mask you are receiving ultimate protection. Not only preventing your skin from encountering skin irritation and Maskne, but also gently yet effectively treating your skin and providing calming benefits that you can see and feel. What are you waiting for!? Say goodbye to Maskne and irritated skin and say hello, to a fresh and clear face!

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